My Half Marathon Progression

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Half Marathon Pregression

We learn something in each Race.

1️⃣ You can finish a race no matter how hard the weather is or how tired you are, if you are mentally strong, you will surely cross the finish line.

2️⃣ This was the most important media marathon for me, why? because I realized that finishing a half marathon at 1:45 was not impossible at all. If you train and have clear goals, you will surely achieve it. At the end of the race I felt really good. I knew I could do better if I push myself harder the next race

3️⃣ The wind is one of the worst enemies you can have in a race. The effort is almost double. I ended up quite tired but the goal was achieved. (Break the 1:40). I learned that after a race I can not eat anything because it gives me a stomachage, I can only eat chocolate. .

4️⃣ Running with friends/pacer  in a race is great to achieve your goals because both help maintain the pace. Running with cold weather is the best, I can do my best when it’s cold outside .

5️⃣ If you want to run a PR (Personal Record) in a race, you must arrive at least one hour before. In this race I arrived late, the experience was terrible at the beginning, I had to start running faster than normal to be able to pass  people. I lost a lot of energy at the beginning. The first miles you should start at a pace that you feel comfortable with, fast but without much effort and progressively increase it until you reach the pace you want for the race.

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Luis Tovar

Hey everyone, I'm Luis, a marathon runner. I've clocked in at 10 marathons so far, and let's just say, it's been a roller coaster. I've hit my highs with a personal best of 2:38 in the full marathon and 1:14 in the half. But don't let those times fool you; I've had my share of setbacks too. Injuries? Yeah, I've battled through a few. There's nothing like the frustration of being sidelined when all you want to do is lace up and hit the road. But each injury has taught me something valuable, whether it's the importance of rest, cross-training, or simply listening to my body. The setbacks have only fueled my determination to get back on the course and do what I love most—run. What keeps me going, other than the thrill of beating my own time, is my passion for motivating others. There's something incredibly rewarding about inspiring someone else to push past their limits. To me, running is more than a sport; it's a community. And if my journey can inspire even one person to lace up their running shoes and take that first step, then every mile, every struggle, and every victory has been worth it.

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