How to run your Personal Best in Chicago Marathon20231002213156

How to run your Personal Best in Chicago Marathon

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Tips for Chicago Marathon I’ve run the Chicago Marathon twice, and let me ...
Benefits of Running with a Group20190406202905

Benefits of Running with a Group

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Running is such an amazing and diverse sport. You can run fast or you can run sl...
Progressive Run20190328213836

Progressive Run

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I found that progressive runs are extremely helpful for three primary reasons: W...
How I trained to run a sub 3 hour marathon20190318111632

How I trained to run a sub 3 hour marathon

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My active participation in marathon racing began in the summer of 2017 where I w...
Heart Rate Training20190305144453

Heart Rate Training

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On my easy days, I used to run with a heart-rate monitor. The idea behind heart ...
How to Predict your Marathon Time?20190305143120
Becoming Faster - Running

How to Predict your Marathon Time?

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If you are training to run a marathon, then training paces are important. They a...
Benefits of Swimming for Runners20190305141611
Becoming Faster - Running

Benefits of Swimming for Runners

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With swimming, runners are able to Improve their cardiovascular status without i...
Why Runners Should Foam Roll20190305093857
Becoming Faster - Running

Why Runners Should Foam Roll

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I am notorious for avoiding foam rolling. I try to get out of it in any way I ca...
My Half Marathon Progression20190105135531

My Half Marathon Progression

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Half Marathon PregressionWe learn something in each Race.1️⃣ You can finish a ra...