Progressive Run20190328213836

Progressive Run

I found that progressive runs are extremely helpful for three primary reasons: We know that warming up the muscles by starting out slowly not only dec...
How I trained to run a sub 3 hour marathon20190318111632

How I trained to run a sub 3 hour marathon

Luis TovarMarch 18, 2019, , 3 comments
My active participation in marathon racing began in the summer of 2017 where I was part of the 2018 Miami marathon, I finished it in 04:07. This race ...
Heart Rate Training20190305144453

Heart Rate Training

Luis TovarMarch 5, 2019, , 0 comments
On my easy days, I used to run with a heart-rate monitor. The idea behind heart rate–based workouts, is to train your aerobic system without over-stre...
My Half Marathon Progression20190105135531

My Half Marathon Progression

Luis TovarJanuary 5, 2019, , 0 comments
Half Marathon PregressionWe learn something in each Race.1️⃣ You can finish a race no matter how hard the weather is or how tired you are, if you are ...